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I am Kamya Mable, born and raised in Kawempe. A couple of years back I was searching for a way to change my life in a positive, more productive direction. One of my first endeavors was to begin training from home in pursuit of a look that would facilitate my confidence.

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My Story

Here I am, two years later, and that pursuit has become a journey that has allowed me to grow in many positive ways. Who would have believed that what started out as something so simple could in many ways change my life? I really got so much more than I had anticipated.

The look I was striving for came fairly quickly as I was very committed and enjoyed the training, both with others and alone in my free time. What I couldn’t have anticipated when this started was feeling more at home and comfortable with my body; the same body I had carried around my entire life. I don’t know whether my body insecurities were created in my own head, or whether they were instigated by the words of others, but I always had the feeling people saw my structure as masculine, even though I know they admired my juicy ass. Being in a supportive fitness environment allowed me to embrace my natural body type and see it as a blessing.

today, I am happier and I feel more balanced, focused, and confident in my life as a whole. Fitness has been a big part of that. My growing passion for fitness not only created a healthier me, mentally, physically, and emotionally, but it has provided me a career where I have grown my knowledge, expertise, and education. The gym is my sanctuary while at times, while also being a hell of sorts at times :-) because that’s how the journey is.

I am now also a manager/supervisor at MetaFit256, in addition to being a certified (ISSA) personal trainer. These added responsibilities have taught me so much about what I’m capable of, and how strong I can be beyond just physical capabilities. I have been underestimated and challenged by people based on my appearance, gender, and temperament. But I have never backed down or allowed myself to be bullied. I have even surprised myself, to be honest. Some of this was always in me, some has come as my confidence has grown through my fitness journey.
My biggest joy now is coaching others. Seeing others enjoy some of the same benefits I have brings a smile to my face and helps me feel a purpose beyond being a mother. I feel there is always an upside to training, The benefits may differ from person to person, but everyone benefits in some ways. Whether those benefits are aesthetic, physical, and mental health, or self-esteem and confidence, they can rain on all. 

My philosophy for myself as well as everyone I come into contact with is, “I am working not to best anyone else, only to best who I was yesterday. After all, accepting your body as it has never meant not changing and improving yourself tomorrow.


"I am working not to best anyone else, only to best who I was yesterday."