Hello, I am Rafael Eric.

"I begun my fitness journey at a Swimming Competition"

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My Story

Personal trainer Eric Rafael born and raised in bukoto kampala who begun as an events coordinator with kadanke brand house for several years but interestingly ended up in the fitness world.

I begun my fitness journey at a swimming competition simply because I was overwhelmed by how good and health these other guys looked physically hence prompting my joining into the fitness world.

As I progressed with my personal training workouts for resistance  training  and so did my love for fitness hence getting into its depth.

After experiencing and tasting the benefits of resistance training that I achieved from a home area local gym I realized the  importance of indulging my friends into it who I consider my first clients "lol"

After a year of training my friends and them realizing the benefits I opted to taking it more professionally hence ending up @Metafit256 the gym who welcomed me with open arms hence supporting my professional personal trainer journey.

Education and certification 
-bachelor of arts with education from kyambogo university 
-personal trainer certification from ISSA

Henry FreeWytz

Henry FreeWytz

Strength & Conditioning

Big Nash

Big Nash

Professional Athelete, Mobility Trainer

Kami (Kamya Mable)

Kami (Kamya Mable)

ABS & ASS Trainer


"I am working not to best anyone else, only to best who I was yesterday."