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Strong is Sexy

TU Th Fri 6-7

Ready to create the figure you always dreamed of?

But Tired of being treated like a post-workout meal when you enter the gym?

Come try BodySculpting with Kami 
The Abs & Ass Class

For Ladies Only

For You By You

Whether you prefer to train with other ladies or in a co-ed environment, MetaFit256 is a place of respect and support for everyone. Our zero-tolerance policy for unsolicited sexual advances or business solicitation means you can focus on the reason you came here, maximizing your time, and reach your goals efficiently in a safe emotional environment.


Please  join us for ABS & ASS class Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 5:30 - 6:30 pm. This class is designed to celebrate the female body while building strength and shape. Don’t expect high-intensity, heart-pumping cardio: this class is focused on toning the lower body and it will have your muscles burning within minutes. Come ready to learn and have fun as we get fit together and sculpt our bodies.


ABS & ASS class consists of a 10-minute warm up, 40 minutes of intense training and a 10 minute cool down and stretch period.

This is NOT a sweaty cardio class. Lots of slow movements with little to no rest in between. Feel the burn!!


An ABS & ASS session WOD (workout of the day) is comprised of numerous compound movements designed to target the glutes and abs. (See below for movements)


Please bring a water bottle. Water dispenser is provided as are hand towels.




THE ABS = Core

Did you know our core is the center of every movement?

Building core strength can help you more easily manage day tasks without pain and injury

  • A strong core supports better posture

  • A strong core increases the body balance

  • A strong core supports overall strength making everyday life easier.

    And many more….



THE ASS = Glutes

Glutes provide stability, and support the hips during a normal gait. They are also essential aspects of basic functional movements like bending, squatting, and walking as well as athletic movements like cutting, jumping,  running and most multi joint leg movements.

As part of the lumbopelvic hip complex (LPHC), they provide critical trunk support to keep individuals upright and mobile. With that in mind everyone can benefit from a glute training program.


Benefits of glute training :-

  •   To reduce knee pain

  •   Reduce or prevent back pain

  •   Increase power and athletic performance

  •   And of course , who wouldn’t love a better looking bum 😀



You will likely find you have a little extra bounce and swag in your step after an ass and abs class. The sky might look bluer and the leaves might appear greener. That is a result of mood boosting chemicals like serotonin and dopamine flooding your brain and giving you a natural high. You will likely feel more focused and turned on. Just a couple extra reasons to make fitness a part of your lifestyle!




Hand weights, ankle weights, various resistance bands, kettle bells ??


We alternate and and ass exercises in an effort to keep the core engaged (encourages proper form and technique=safety) and to give the long lower body muscles some intermittent rest as they fatigue more quickly.

Your butt is made up of three muscles

-gluteus maximus

-gluteus medius

-gluteus minimus


We target these muscles with three basic movement patterns

the squat (basic and the lunge variation)

the hip hinge (glute bridge)

and hip external rotation (fire hydrant).

Abs or Core are comprised of both

-transverse abdominals (deep core)

-rectus abdominals (Peter Andre muscles) -lower abdominals.

We will be targeting these muscles primarily through core stability “anti-movement” exercises such as various planks

pulse train anti-extension (where you resist arching your lower back)

the side plank works anti-lateral flexion (where you resist side bending)

bird dog trains anti-rotation (where your hips and spine brace to resist rotating)

Additional variations of leg lifts allows some dynamic movement to really zero in on your lower core.


Some examples of exercises -


Leg raise

Clamshell with resistance band

Single-leg glute bridge

Fire hydrant with resistance band


Bird Dog

Elbow plank

Side plank

Bodyweight squat

Standing kickback


Forward, Reverse, Side Lunges

  • Ready to create the figure you always dreamed of?

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