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Mobility at Metafit 256 the Gym


Sometimes aches and pains make our fitness efforts

Sometimes we accept body aches and pains as part of life. Be it an injury or age, these nuisances come and go. When we are hurting it makes many aspects of our lives difficult, especially maintaining our fitness and health. It’s a catch 22, as we need a fitness program in our life to improve our health and reduce the pain, but it’s so difficult to train when the pain hurts and drains out energy. We shouldn’t accept these conditions as permanent. Inflammation can result from many factors, including previous injuries, eating habits, and lack of exercise.
Let our expert trainers help you create more mobility in your hips, shoulders, and back and strengthen your other joints including knees and ankles, elbows, and wrists.

Like muscles, ligaments also need to be trained. Let us teach you how. Let us help you enjoy a pain-free life and a fitness program that not only helps to heal old injuries but also helps prevent future injuries.

If you are currently recovering from an injury or health condition, we are happy to consult with your Dr or Physiotherapist and help you with your rehabilitation.

Come sign up for our mobility class or consult one of our trainers to create an individualized functional fitness program that includes mobility as one component.
Join the MetaFit256 family. Your first step to improving your health and life.

  • Ready to create the figure you always dreamed of?

    Tue, Thu, Fri

    1 hr

    20,000 Ugandan shillings
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