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Do you love fitness Classes?

Prefer exercising with others?

More motivated training in a group?

Come try our classes at MetaFit256

Our classes are unique in Kampala. This is because we use the most modern training techniques and equipmemt. Yes, equipment in classes. Why? Resistance based classes are more effective and efficient. If you  have been busting your ass in Zumba and aerobics classes and not seeing the results you have worked so hard for, then come try out OUR fitness classes.


Resistance training is scientifically proven to be significantly more efficient at creating weight loss than movement alone. Lastly, you will never be bored as our instructors rotate the equipment and exercises every session so we can promise you that no two classes will ever be the same. 

So if your tired of repetitive classes, and not seeing the results you deserve for the time and money you are investing, let the MetaFit256 family help you reach your goals. 

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