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Welcome to Metafit256Gym

Uganda’s first and only sports training facility, designed with athletes in mind.

MetaFit256 is your gym in Kampala for all types of fitness training: cross-training, bodybuilding, powerlifting, mobility workouts resistance-based classes. Any type of training that inspires you to enter the gym can be found at MF256. Whether you work out simply to clear your mind, or whether your goals are sport-specific training to be the best athlete possible, we have the equipment and trainers to help you accomplish your goals. The MetaFit256 community takes great pride in our ability to educate, encourage, support, and motivate everyone who enters.

Looking for an exclusive gym? ❌
Wanna train socialites and network with Uganda’s elites? ❌
Bambi, we can’t help you.

But if you are looking for the gym with:
The most modern equipment ✅
The latest training techniques✅
Kampala’s most qualified & supportive instructors ✅
A welcoming community of fitness enthusiasts at all levels✅


We are THE GYM for you 👊🏻


Feels like home
Feels like family
Kampala’s home for functional fitness

How & Why MetaFit 256 The Gym Started

Our team has a history of playing sports, coaching, and training abroad. Upon arriving in Uganda 9 years ago we found there to be a massive void of a modern wellness facility.

Several years later we began to address the fitness and training aspect of that void, and designed a modern fitness facility focused on functional movements, an effective and efficient cardio program, and top of the line sports performance training. 

We believe we have accomplished these goals, while remaining true to our vision of providing education, support, and a welcoming community to everyone who enters our doors.

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